Interview Tips


Avoiding Common Interview Mistakes

  19/10/2016 04:42 Etc/UTC | The CV Centre

There are some common interview mistakes which candidates make time and again, regardless of company, position, seniority or country. But, if you make a mistake, it doesn't have to be the end of the interview. You can still recover and get that job in the end....


Distance Interviewing

  17/10/2016 05:51 Etc/UTC | The CV Centre

Distance interviewing, whether by phone or video, is becoming increasingly popular as technology evolves and recruiters look to minimise the time and cost involved in the interview process. Candidates should treat distance interviews as they would a face to face interview, with a few additional points to be borne in mind....


How many interviews does it take to get a job?

  12/10/2016 05:56 Etc/UTC | The CV Centre

If a company invites you back for a second, or even third interview, this is not because they are inefficient. They want to get the hiring right, especially for senior roles. So, if you are invited back, the good news is you are still in the game. But you must prepare as hard for the following interview(s) as the first, because now you need to convince them....


Don't be late - avoid this cardinal interview sin

  20/09/2016 05:39 Etc/UTC | The CV Centre

Being late is one of the major sins you can make an interview. Always try and leave enough time to get there early. Being late adds to your stress and leaves a bad impression on the employer....


Had a Bad Interview Performance? Let it Go!

  12/09/2016 05:45 Etc/UTC | The CV Centre

If you have done badly at interview, don't beat yourself up. It happens. Pick yourself up, learn from what went wrong, and you'll do better next time....


What do you do around here anyway?

  29/08/2016 05:06 Etc/UTC | The CV Centre

A candidate who does not know a company's basic products or services is likely to fail badly at interview. There is no excuse for not doing your homework in advance....


When is the best time to schedule an Interview?

  27/08/2016 11:34 Etc/UTC | The CV Centre

According to research, if you have the option, Tuesday mid-morning is the best time to schedule an interview....


Good Cop, Bad Cop! Look out for the Nice Guy!

  25/08/2016 05:33 Etc/UTC | The CV Centre

A classic interview technique is the old good cop, bad cop routine! Whilst candidates may fear the bad cop, it is usually the good cop they need to watch....


How not to lose that job in 2 minutes

  08/08/2016 06:48 Etc/UTC | The CV Centre

Interviews are widely regarded as a stressful experience. A determined candidate may spend hours, researching a company, its service and products, preparing strong answers to tough interview questions, and creating mental lists of things to ask....